Medical Bargain Shopping

indexbackDoctor’s orders! We’ve all heard it before and for the most part it makes perfect sense. In order for most doctors to treat you effectively they need to know that what you’ve been ordered to do is followed. Be it a prescription or a special procedure, a sleep test or an MRI, they want to be able to treat you, which is why they ordered it in the first place. But each doctor has his or her own take on what medications, procedure (x-ray) or what diet to take or use and in some cases where and by whom these orders are filled. Those decisions can affect your wallet.

Where and when and by who you get your medical services are becoming more of an issue as more doctors become pressured through external forces such as the insurance companies or the particular hospital or group that own or control their practice. It’s pretty simple, the medical dollar is being ripped apart by different parties to get their fair or perceived fair share of the medical dollar YOU as the consumer spend. Pharmacy, imaging, surgery, laboratory all want you to spend your money with them. Truth is in most cases you get to decide!

Are you looking for a bargain? Yes and no. If you are going to have an MRI done, you certainly want the right test done. You want the best possible equipment to be used during the procedure. The staff should be trained and certified to run the test and report the results. Am I getting a bargain comes down to do I get the same wherever I decide to have the test done and what do I need to consider when I am making the decision of where I will spend my medical dollar.

Ask the right questions:

  • Is this the most cost effective way to get what I need?
  • Are you contracted with my insurance?
  • What am I expected to pay out of pocket?

As the cost of healthcare has risen, alternative options for things like Imaging and Sleep Testing have become available for most patients. As long as the company providing the service such as a sleep test is contracted with your insurance, the chances are that you will be saving money and usually they are more flexible with scheduling and payment plans.

The end result is that you want your test done appropriately by a reputable company but you want to do it the most economical way. With more cost effective options available for many medical procedures and services, we can now save with a more informed decision. Besides, you want to spend your hard earned money on something cool, like a convertible!