Poor Quality of Sleep has a Cinder in the Attic

candleThere is a dirty little word in the healthcare industry called STAT:

stat 2 |stat|
(in a medical direction or prescription) immediately.

As in I need it right now! You’ve probably heard it on television many times where the ER doctor yells out “I need 2 units of Type B STAT!” These are life saving measures. So why is it a “dirty little word”? Because it means get your feet moving and we need it now! It’s a call to action where the normal is turned upside down and it is disruptive. Staffing has to get out of their comfort zone and do what is not “typical”.

We have all been through it in our own lives; like remember when the bathroom toilet overflowed because one of your kids wanted to see if Sponge Bob actually really did live underwater and launched him in and flushed. Water going everywhere we start to panic and if we are quick enough we turn the supply valve to the off position. Heart rate goes up and resolution brings us back to normal, a little less none for the wear. So we all know STAT, we have all lived it.

Why do I bring up STAT? What does STAT have to do with sleep testing or any other type of testing? STAT is an extreme, could mean or life or death within minutes. Are most test STAT, not at all. Sleep would not be a STAT test but because it isn’t STAT does not diminish the need or the level of attention your provider should give to you in order for you to get your test or procedure done. You are GOING to have that sleep test! Why?

Impaired sleep is tied to a myriad of health issues. As we learn more and more about sleep, it is now recognized as the third part of the foundation of a quality life:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep

The focus is to get you scheduled for your test, such as a sleep test, as quickly as possible. Once you’ve had your test then it’s a matter of getting results as quickly as possible so you can be treated. Because it’s not an immediate life saving procedure doesn’t reduce the risk for potential issues such as hypertension, diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure or heart attack. I equate it to the smoldering cinder in the attic. If you don’t know it’s there, there is a real possibility that if ignored the house can burn down. You just don’t know it.

Quality of sleep is imperative to better health. Working with the physician and patients to find a quality center and timely results is important in your determination of where to get your sleep testing. We are committed to getting your doctor’s orders fulfilled and you your test results faster than any other company. We like STAT because we know after years of testing patient’s there are lots of “cinders in the attic!”.

We don’t claim to be firemen or firewomen but we know a lot about sleep. Our company doesn’t want you end up on the STAT side because you chose to ignore your “cinder in the attic”. Sleep well my friends or sleep better by getting the knowledge to know if that coal is glowing in your attic.