Pediatric Sleep Testing

Lion Sleep Laboratories is an independent, diagnostic sleep company that has been in operation since 1999. We provide a premier diagnostic program for patients and physicians in the greater St. Louis area. In response to the increased need for a reliable yet affordable pediatric sleep program for Illinois residents we are pleased to offer a newly designed pediatric sleep lab in our O’Fallon, IL location. Please contact us if your child has the need for a sleep test.

What is a Polysomnogram?

A sleep study or polysomnogram is a test that measures body functions during sleep. Performing a sleep study on a child is exactly the same as conducting a study on an adult. During the night of study, the child will sleep at our lab and be monitored by a sleep technologist.  Each test will vary depending on the individual needs.

What are the Symptoms of Sleep Disorder?

Symptoms vary widely, depending on what disorder the child has. For instance, symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring and short periods of cessation of breathing. Older children may complain of morning headaches and sleepiness. Symptoms of sleep terrors include, sudden extreme fear while sleeping and the child having rapid breathing and increased heart rate. Children may wake up screaming and not  remember the event.

What to Expect from your Child’s Sleep Study?

Upon arrival, a sleep technologist will greet you and your child .  Your child will have his or her own bedroom in a comfortable, home like setting. The technician will apply electrodes and sensors to your child.  These will not be  painful or invasive.  This will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and your child may watch television or a movie during this part of the test. Parents or caregivers are expected to be active participants during the child’s hook-up procedure and remain with the child (under age 18) for the duration of the sleep study.

Accommodations are provided for both the child and one caregiver. If possible, we will follow your child’s usual bedtime routine.  Your child will be in a monitored environment during the testing procedure.  Wake-up time varies and electrode removal takes approximately 20 minutes. We will provide instruction on CPAP and Bilevel usage, if prescribed.

What Should I do Before the Child’s Stay in the Sleep Clinic?

Patient should follow a normal sleep routine 48 hours prior to study. Patient should avoid caffeine for 48 hours prior to study. Patient and caregiver should eat dinner before arriving. Patient needs to continue regular medications as prescribed unless otherwise directed by patient’s physician. Patient should bring any overnight medications with him or her, in original bottles with labels. Patient should arrive bathed, with clean hair. Hair gels, sprays and other oily substances should not be used.

Don’t Forget!

  • Insurance card, social security number, name and date of birth of insured;
  • 2-piece (loose and comfortable) sleep-wear; Socks or slippers; Overnight toiletries;
  • Change of clothes for the following morning; A favorite pillow, blanket, or stuffed toy.